Patriot Act Season 6: Is It Confirmed To Appear On Netflix? Here’s The Things We Know So Far


Patriot Act With Hasan Minhaj first came on Netflix on 28 October 2018. Minhaj and Prashanth Venkataramanujam made the show. The show means to ‘explore the contemporary social and political scene with profundity and justice.’ The show has so far delivered five seasons.

The fifth season of the show handled some brilliant issues, incorporating launching the season with mental health yet, also, took extremely rich people, retirement, quick design, and a lot of gestures and articles to political issues and the upcoming appointment of the US in 2020.

The streaming goliath has kept transferring parts of the show to YouTube, which increment over the previous year. Fans and watchers are hanging tight for the 6th season of the show. Here’s all that we think about season 6 of the show up until this point:

Patriot Act Season 6: Is It Confirmed To Appear On Netflix?
Source: What’s On Netflix

Release Date

As indicated by sources, the 6th volume of the show is set to debut on 11 March 2020. That recommends that the new episodes of the show will be coming to Netflix week by week, beginning from 29 March 2020.

The 6th season of the show will comprise of 7 new episodes.

Renewal Status

Hasan Minhaj took weight and, all the more explicitly, how America is genuinely sending out the issues to most locales in the last episodes of season 5.

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Toward the finish of the episodes of season 5, in any case, Hasan Minhaj took progressively across the board outline of the year that was and the challenges the world looked in 2019. The host gave some direction to close two or three tabs expressing we have to go off a portion of our challenges onto others and afterward twofold down on issues we are enthusiastic about.

Before completing the last episodes of season 5, Hasan Minhaj recognized his weekly show, including or multiplying down issues, isn’t helping however expressed that ‘we won’t quit doing that. I will see you guys in 2020. We got a couple of more clasps to open.’ This uncovers that the show is coming in 2020 with season 6.


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