Siren Season 3, Do We Have Trailer And Release Date


The series depends on a story by co-journalists Eric Wald and Dean White and is set in the waterfront town of Bristol Cove, known in legend, the ancient home of mermaids. The legend part changed, however, when reality set in with the appearance of the secretive Ryn (Eline Powell), who unleashes devastation on the little fishing town.

Release Date

Season one of Siren debuted in March 2018 and the second in January 2019, so fans can expect Siren season three to show up before the expected time 2020.

Alarm Season 3 will be released on April 2, 2020, and Freeform has formally affirmed this.

Cast Of Siren Season 3

The principal cast of Siren is relied upon to return for the third season if they endure.

This implies Eline Powell will be back as Ryn Fisher, a young mermaid with a tremendous mystery, who is as yet searching for her sister.

Alex Roe ought to be back as Ryn’s adoration intrigue Ben Pownall, a marine biologist.

Ian Verdun is probably going to repeat his job as Xander McClure, a fisherman who needs to show the presence of mermaids.

Likewise prone to return is Fola Evans-Akingbola as Maddie, Rena Owen as Helen Hawkins, Ron Yuan as Aldon Decker, and Tammy Gillis as Marissa Staub.

Story For Season 3

In the subsequent season, there was a big attack on an Oil rig, which inevitably made all mermaids on lands to return on Sea. Which acknowledged Helen that she was by all account, not the only merfolk to exist and reveals a dark mystery. On the opposite side, Ben and Maddie were attempting to stow away mermaid who was diverting up in Bristol Cove from the overall population.

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Ryan was delegated as the leader of the mermaid colony yet focused by the adversary Katrina. Her perspective for Ryn is feeble and human-like. “Ben and Maddie were dubious about the mermaid’s future after the lethal outcomes of the attack on the oil rig. With the mermaid coming back to the ocean are left inclination lost without Ryn.


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