Here’s Why The Best Action Movie Star Jason Statham Will Not Appear In Fast & Furious 9


Fast And Furious 9 is a prospective action film, which is a continuation of 2017’s The Fate of the Furious. Justin Lin guides it, and Daniel Casey composed the content for it. It will be the ninth part of The Fast Saga establishment.

Why He Will Not Appear In Fast and Furious 9

Specifically, due to scheduling clashes, Jason Statham isn’t in Fast and Furious 9. Dwayne Johnson said in a meeting with MTV News that F9 was getting ready for and beginning production during gatherings and advancements for Hobbs and Shaw by him and Statham.

He says expressly, “We’re not in Quick 9 starting at now, as they are going to begin shooting. However, no one can tell who knows Fast 10, and who’s not far off.” That’s the sound that Statham and Johnson skipped F9 because their Hobbs and Shaw commitments wouldn’t.

Star Jason Statham Will Not Appear In Fast & Furious 9
Source: Hindustan Times


The nonappearance of Shaw from F9 sits strangely with fans, a large number of whom have not relinquished the top picks’ murdering of Han without Shaw confronting equity. With Han returning into the F9 trailer, it appears the ideal opportunity to bring that reinforcement.

Han is alive once more, and Shaw gets an opportunity to manage what he has done. It would be here if there is a period and a spot for salvation; however, it could be Fast and Furious 10, which Statham could even now be a part of.

There is likewise a chance of a progression of Hobbs and Shaw confusing things a bit. There’s still no proof, however, it appears to be an easy decision in spite of its money related achievement.

Statham was an author for Hobbs and Shaw’s first film and would likely proceed as a spin-off. That could defer his inclusion in future parts of the primary series, which would require more opportunity for him to turn into an entertainer and maker and the possibility of further planning issues.


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