Little Fires Everywhere: Hulu Just Dropped 3 Episode Early! Should You Watch It?

As the name of the show itself suggests “Little Fires,” the show has aired three episodes, and to everybody’s surprise, the series was released hours before the stipulated time. That surprised everyone as this is not something which usually happens with the release of a TV series, hardly the version is preponed. So now, you can stream the first three episodes of Little fires, which is an adaption of a novel with the same title. So we will assess now if you should watch the show or not?

First things first, regardless of the place where you are residing, you must be in your home as almost the whole world is in lockdown. There is no reason to miss the show as you are already in isolation, so the best thing would be to binge-watch the series. There is no reason to believe that the series isn’t great, but regardless of everything, its the best way to fight the boredom. The icing on the cake is the fact that the show will give you ample reasons to binge watch it right now. So let’s explore the qualitative aspects of the show, which is going to substantiate our reasoning.

Little Fires Everywhere: Hulu

So if you have already read the novel, then you are all set to see the series as the rest of episodes are slated to air on Wednesday. So now you have every reason to watch as the rest of the episodes are lined up. There is a lot that can be said and written about the series, but for those who have read the book, the series is an altogether different feat. We won’t be disclosing much about the series as of now, as currently, only three episodes have been dropped.

But that doesn’t mean we won’t be disclosing anything. The series starts with a fire incident that happens with the Richardson family around whom the plot of the story develops. The storyline tows this line and explores the reasons as to why the fire broke out and who should be held responsible for this. The storyline shows two women competing for better parenting, and they always try to prove themselves as better parents.

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The series were set in 1997, and it has an elitist element to it and showcases how elitism influenced our lives back in the 90s. There is a hell lot of mud throwing, and no one leaves any opportunity to let down others. There is a twist too, which comes in the storyline when their kids intermingle, and that changes the landscape of the series. So it’s worth watching and that too when you are trapped inside your home.

The world is not only fighting the COVID-19 but the boredom too, which comes with the isolation. So if you are missing your social discourses, weekend parties, in that case, grab a beer and binge-watch the show. We will update once all the episodes are dropped.

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