Dare Me On Netflix? Everything To Know Before Its Premiere


The show is an adaptation of the book “Dare Me,” and this is pivoted around a bunch of teenagers in their high school. Megan Abbott authors the book. The best part about the series is that a large pool of readers applauded the book itself, and it has received awards at different forums. So in a way, it sums up that the genesis of the series is great, and we can expect the show to be a great one. Lately, teenage dramas have gripped up the online TV space, and this has become a great feat for netizens as the majority of sitcom audience is relatively younger and love to watch shows of this genre.

The euphoria, which is aired on HBO, 13 reasons why, Kissing Booth, etc., has set an overtly brilliant tone and the audience across the globe, welcomes more shows in a similar genre. So let’s dive in to know the exact details of the show and what reasons make it a worth watch.

Dare Me On Netflix
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Well, the show is centralized around teenagers whose lives change with the coming of a new cheerleading coach. Her arrival changes things for teenagers. Deceit, mistrust, disloyalty becomes part of their relationship, and they stopped trusting each other. This is a typical high school drama where friends change according to the priority, and there is nothing we can do about it.

This series depicts what each one of us has witnessed in our high school days. So if you wanna revisit those times, the show is all set to take the ride into your past. And if you are a teenager, in that case, you must have been witnessing all this right in front of your eyes. So it will be more relatable.

Do we have a release date?

Yes, we do have the release date, and the show is all set to be aired on 20th March 2020. So there is no wait time for the show. Amid the prevailing isolation because of the COVID-19 which has engulfed the whole world, it would be a great show to binge-watch and freshen up your memories of your high school days, and if you are someone who is already in the high school, in that case, you won’t miss your school (sarcastic).

The cast for Dare Me?

Willa Fitzgerald as Coach Colette French, Herizen Guardiola as Addy Hanlon, Marlo Kelly as Beth Cassidy, Zach Roerig as Sarge Will Mosley, Paul Fitzgerald as Bert Cassidy, Alison Thornton as Tacy Cassidy, Rob Heaps as Matt French. This is the complete cast for the first season of Dare Me. It will be interesting to see who these actors would add life to the respective characters they are going to play.

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The series will have ten episodes, and if we go by the ratings and reviews of the book, we can ascertain that the series will be a great one.


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