Ozark: Has Netflix Revealed Season 4 Plans?


The most awaited shows on Netflix are Ozark, and there is a lot of curiosity among the fans, whether it will be renewed or not. This is the time when fans need something to get their minds off the deadly COVID-19, which has engulfed the whole world. The series has a huge fan base, and this is the time they need to know if the series will be renewed or not. There is a lot of free time for all of us when we are in isolation, and we need to keep ourselves engaged. So let’s dive into the details, and this is something you need desperately at this point.

About Season 3

Ozark is all set to premiere on 27th March for the third season, and this is something which can relieve you as at least you will get to see the third season where a lot has to be revealed. Jason Bateman, the Ozark star, has revealed about the third season, and this has proved to be one of the best news in recent times. There is a lot that is pegged on the third season, which has kept the fans hope that it can be renewed for a fourth season.

Ozark: Has Netflix Revealed Season 4
Source: The Digital Wise

There is a lot of uncertainty in recent times where everything has come down to COVID-19 or coronavirus. At times it’s frustrating to see the same news now and then. And on top of it, the isolation is itself frustrating as you have to cut all your social discourses and there is nothing which you can do about it.

Do we have an announcement regarding the fourth season?

As of now, we don’t have any official word from the producers or anyone from the cast. The show’s future is heavily banked in the third season. It is the third season, which will ultimately decide the show’s future, and there is a lot that can be said after the release of the third season. The series has all the potential to get renewed for the fourth season. But a sudden turn of the storyline can completely jeopardize the renewal of the fourth season. Until we don’t get to see the story of the third season, it is hard to predict if the series will be renewed or not.

There is a lot that has changed in the past month, and the whole entertainment industry has come to a crashing halt as most of the series and films have stopped the filming process. So even if we take the last year’s precedence of release, it won’t be possible for us to see the renewal anytime soon. Most of the shows have either stopped filming or indefinitely postponed the series.

This time around, the entertainment industry will incur heavy financial losses too, so even that is going to change the future of the series. So as long as we don’t have an official word, nothing can be said for sure about the renewal of the fourth season.


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