Shawn Mendes And Hailey Baldwin: The Time When The Two Were Together! 5 Facts To Know


The most complicated couple ever, this is the only thing that defines their relationship. There are tons of speculations that surfaces when celebrities enter into a relationship, but this isn’t the only thing that used to happen when they were in a relationship. So if you have to know about their relationship, it used to be COMPLICATED in every possible sense. There was no clear word from any of them regarding their relationship.

There are several instances where celebrities try to hide their relationship status, and they have valid reasons for it too. But in this case, there was no clear reason for hiding their relationship for the entire time when they were speculated to be in a relationship. There is a hell lot of things which can be used to prove that they were in a relationship, although they always said they were friends.

Although there were several instances where they deliberately showed that they were more than friends, the first instance was when they appeared together for the 2018 MET Gala. Anyone would have said that they were in a relationship, but even after that, they never accepted that they were in a relationship.

Shawn Mendes And Hailey Baldwin
Source: Times Of India

When did the speculations found a solid ground?

Although speculations were going on from 2017, they were found to be true for the first time in Rita Ora’s MTV EMA afterparty in November. So there was nothing to hide after that, and anyone could have easily guessed that they were in a relationship. Although it will be unfair to say that Shawn Mendes never actually accepted, there were instances where he appreciated her, and these appreciations meant that they were in a relationship.

But there were several constraints in their relationship as they were indifferent professions, so it wouldn’t have been possible for them to enter into a serious relationship. This might be a potential reason why they never admitted publicly about their relationship as they were not in the mood of entering into a serious relationship.

Hailey Baldwin is a successful model, and she rarely gets time off her shoot, she travels different places all the time, and this could be one of the reason she wouldn’t have been in the mood of getting into a serious relationship.

The same goes for Shawn Mendes, as he is also a successful singer, and he also travels across the globe for his music tours. So either of them couldn’t get into a serious relationship. This changed things, and finally, they parted their ways. Now Hailey Baldwin is happily married to Justin Bieber, and Shawn Mendes is in a relationship with his old friend Camila Cabello.

Although they never confirmed their relationship status, they were not hiding either, and this was the best thing between them. So their relationship was unique in every possible way, and they cherished every moment of their relationship, and this is what matters at the end of the day.


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