Daughter Merrill Streep, divorce papers from Grace Homer from musician Tay Strathern


Grace Homer points out irreconcilable differences in the divorce of musician Ty Strathirn

One of Meryl Streep’s cute daughters is ending her marriage.

Actress Mr. Robot Grace Homer filed for divorce from her husband, musician Thay Strathirn, on March 23, according to a lawsuit filed by people.

Homer, 33, noted irreconcilable differences in Strathearn, the 39s filed for divorce. She indicated the date of her wedding on July 10, 2019, and the date of her separation was a month later, on August 21.

Neither Hammer nor Strathairn seek support for the couple.

Strathairn’s father is actor David Strathairn, who starred with Streep in the 1994 film The River Wild, in the role of husband and wife.

Meryl Streep is officially a grandmother, and her daughter Mami Homer greets her son

Homer is best known for her role in Mr. Robot and her show in American Horror Story: A Strange Show, Smash and Larry Crown, and Francis Ha.

Strathairn also worked on Eight Men, 1996, The Lone Star, and Hue 2017.

Streep has three more children with Don Homer’s husband: daughters Mami, 36 years old, Louise, 28 years old, and Henry, 33 years old.

The Oscar-winning actress and her husband greeted their grandchildren in February 2019, when Mami gave birth to a boy.

Actress Big Little Lies became a grandmother for an interview before giving birth to her mother, saying: “I have been working like a madwoman for a long time, so I’m getting ready for my first grandson. My daughter gives birth to a baby in February so I will go and ruin your life.

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