Joseph Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son, Joseph Bayna, 22, recreates the famous MusclePose for my dad in a new photo.


Joseph Baina shared a bodybuilding photo almost identical to the one taken by his father, Arnold Schwarzenegger, in 1967. You can compare the photos here!

This is a familiar sight! Joseph Bayna, 22, hit exactly the same bodybuilding condition as his 72-year-old father, Arnold Schwarzenegger, during his bodybuilding reign in the 1960s and 1970s. Pepperdine college graduate shook up a pair of Gym Shark joggers and Vans Slips-Ons to take a photo, but of course he was shirtless. He raised his arms above his head to give fans a good view of his biceps, triceps, cans, well call it whatever you like. Joseph commented on the photo he shared on Instagram on April 8: The perfect time to engage in a little plagiarism!

Joseph now weighs just under 200 pounds, which he revealed to curious lovers in the comment section. Other fans were unable to help but indicated that Joseph was basically his father’s twin. A fan commented, What happens in Arnold 2.0?! ??! And another wrote: Really nice is like your father. Just compare Joseph’s photo to Arnold’s photo below, which was taken when the Terminator star was almost 20 years old! Arnold moved the joystick to his son. Instead of pretending to be bodybuilding photos, the fitness legend spends time with farm animals and remains safe amid the coronavirus pandemic. On March 15, Arnold shared a video of himself spending quality time with his donkey, Lulu, and his little pony whiskey. The important thing is that you stay home because there is now a curfew, Arnold told fans in the video. No one can leave, particularly for a 72-year-old man


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