Joyner Lucas and Will Smith meet minds


After releasing “Will” from his first album “ADHD”, Joyner Lucas comes face to face with Will Smith.

Although some may warn against ever meeting their idols, others will accept the possibility of such contacts. Fortunately, Joyner Lucas considers himself among the last camp as he recently engaged in a face-to-face conversation with his personal hero Will Smith. Brain Meeting took place in Will From Home’s ongoing Snapchat series, which found the legendary and talented rapper actor enjoying the joys of delicate home life, something we’ve all come to know well in recent times.

In the last episode of Will From Home, Smith took a moment to connect with Joyner Lucas, whom he had previously contacted after the release of the ADHD single “Will”. At that moment, Will expressed his desire to meet face to face, and thus began an intergenerational grace fueled by mutual respect. Now, Joyner has officially overlooked another item on the group’s roster, having recently teamed up with Will and Jaden Smith to watch a video of “Will” and meet minds.

I have always been my idol “Joyner Flows”. For me, I feel like you did everything the right way and I really look forward to it. “The loyal son, Jaden, scored a score on Joyner’s evaluation, noting that his father” went from making music for the first time in Philadelphia, earning the first rap music and then transitioning from music primarily to film. Smith couldn’t resist the preparation, with a bit of daddy humor in the clutch: So, they’re serious, after all, I did you!

If you’re interested in meeting Joyner and Smith’s face-to-face chat, you can check it out exclusively on Snapchat, the official source of all things from Will From Home.


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