I Am Not Okay with This Season 2: Has Netflix Renewed It For The Fans And When Will It Release For Us


The series has been applauded by every section of the society and people from all the age bracket. After a phenomenal first season, fans are curious to know the status of the second season of the series. This series is an adaptation of a book authored by Charles Forsman with the same title. Jonathan Entwistle and Christy Hall brainchild have hit the screens recently on 26th February 2020. In such a short time, it has succeeded in making a big fanbase that substantiates the demand for the second season.

So let’s see the details of the second season and what the official sources have to say in this regard and any other relevant details regarding the renewal of the series for the second season.

I Am Not Okay with This' Season 2
Source: What’s On Netflix

What will be the release date of the second season of I am Not Okay With This?

Since the series premiered on 26th February 2020, the renewal hasn’t been confirmed. Anyway, it will be a bit too early to expect an official release date or, for that matter, even an official announcement. Netflix will analyze the series performance, and then it can be ascertained if the series deserves another renewal. Although there is no reason not to have a second season as the first season appeared to be promising and this indicates that the series will be renewed.

The second season will get an official announcement once we are over with the situation prevailing in the world at this point. So expect things to get better so that things can be set to pace.

Although the first season’s end made it clear that there is not even a remote possibility to discard the show off the platform or even delay the release of the second season, so if we take the standard time which Netflix takes to renew a series, we can expect the series to be renewed by March/April 2021, so hold your horses till then and do visit this space as we will be updating all the relevant details.

Who is expected to be in the cast of the second season of I am Not Okay With This?

The first season’s end clearly shows that not much alteration is expected in the second season. Although there may be some new faces in the series that aren’t sure as of now, once the casting team starts the process, we will update the details on the new entrants. Till now we are expecting the cast for the first season to make its return to the second season, and they are-

Once the relevant details are out, we will post about the possible storyline too, but as of now, there hasn’t been a word on the script of the second season.


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