SNL’s Trump announces America to be number 1 for Coronavirus throughout the world


On Saturday night live school open from home this week, Donald Trump did not make any typical appearance at all. He was engaged in a call with fox and friends style and there she was repeatedly attacked on the anchor Colin Joe and Michael for asking some worst questions about the coronavirus response.

He also said that he is happy to report about it that America is on the number one for the Corona Virus all over the world. He also said that he is excited about it and also he mention about the approval rating going up this time. Also, he has mentioned that New York is clapping and uploading him from the great job he had done.


He also mentioned that he knows about everything which is going on and this seems to be changing every 24 hours. It is a mail that we are being patient and we are not getting engaged in nasty questions at all. When everyone is asking him the nasty question it is becoming literally unexpecting for me to get engaged in the conversation for the on. He wants everyone to take every particular precaution apart from the fact that it has come from the democrats only. But this is our duty to take every particular precaution and also we are listening to the experts and about the advice, they are giving to us. This will not only help us to fight through the pandemic but will also help us to get rid of the problem as soon as possible.


Thus, it is a must for everyone to understand the announcements made by the government for the pandemic and also everyone is looking forward to taking the precautions. If they are not going on with it then they are inviting danger only.


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