Coronavirus alert Alabama has Reported 3,274 Cases and 89 Deaths

coronavirus Alabama Alert

The whole world is under the great fear of corona pandemic, as this virus is badly spreading in every countries if proper precautions are not taken. Corona has continuously hitting every citizens those who are not taking proper precautions and no following the government rules made for their own safety purposes. We will here discuss about Alabama, which is also getting badly affected by this virus. As from the recent updates it has been recorded that there are total 3,274 people has been affected by this virus in which 89 deaths has been recorded. And this corona network is continuously spreading in the country due to its own people who are not worried about the worse effect and just fly out of there house.

coronavirus Alabama Alert

As per the report from the Alabama Department of Public Health. One further death was reported in Jefferson County, delivering the county total to fifteen. A complete of 4,422 tests are administered there. State health officers update figures associated with wellness count day by day on a dashboard. Within the portal, officers according to Saturday there has been done 20,605 tests undertaken statewide with 402 total hospitalizations since March thirteen.

The counties with the foremost cases as of Saturday afternoon apart from Jefferson:

Mobile County: four hundred confirmed cases; 1,631 total tests; thirteen reportable deaths

Lee County: 215 confirmed cases; 628 total tests; 8 reportable deaths

Shelby County: 189 confirmed cases; 1,095 total tests; five reportable deaths

Madison County: 183 confirmed cases; 1,084 total tests; three reportable deaths

Chambers County: 178 confirmed cases; 267 total tests; eight reportable deaths.

These numbers are showing the great hike in the death rate of people which would had been less if every people had followed the lockdowns rule. And this number is continuously increasing as a single day before it was 3,100. And corona virus shows it more deadly face in its 4th and 5th phase. So currently “Precaution is better than Cure”.


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