Freddie Prinze Jr shares the secret of the friendship of His & Wife Sarah Michelle Gellar’s

Freddie Prinze Jr

Whenever it seems like love is in the air there are some people who are behind it. Everyone is aware about the fact that Freddie prinze Jr and Sarah Michael Galler we met on the set of 1997 Cult classic I know what you did last number. But it is good to know about the bond they are sharing and also how they have reached to the conclusion that they wish to get engage with each other as husband and wife.

Freddie Prinze Jr

Recently there were so many things which have revealed by the couple that how they get bonded with each other and how they took the decision to get married.

At the very first they explain about how they were been at the set of the movies and about their character in the movie and then they further discuss about their off screen chemistry. They also mention that there was nothing considering to romance in the film but somehow they have to the steps and then there for the get in touch with each other.

He also mentioned that she was not having driving license available with her and she needs to reach her place. But the worst thing is she doesn’t know how to drive. At that time it was around 1 hour are drive from Wellington and it is known to be the biggest city which is closest to us. Therefore to make things is here from the set of film to the South Park he dropped her. From that day they become friends.

Now as a time has been passed opposite attracts phenomena to place and they both come close to each other. After that in engaged with each other in so many things they have look forward for something new in their life. They talk about their life and stuff and then both of them get to know that they are sharing different velocities about everything. He also mentioned that she was born and raised in New York and he was born in Los Angeles and this is the fact which is making both of us different.

He also reveals about so many funny things about their relationship which let them too fell for Each Other more.


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