Here is why Geoffrey Paschel is not allowed to hold a break

Geoffrey Paschel

If someone is violating the rules it is a must to take action. The same happened with Geoffrey Paschel. Recently he has been blocked by Instagram to be on life without any explanation. He was as you been so many things that can be the reason. But now the question arises that why he got blocked to be on live on Instagram.

Geoffrey Paschel

Some of the people are assuming that he has been blocked from Instagram because there were some complaint by fans are there might be chances that the picture he have posted.

Also than 90 day fiancé star went overboard when he posted his picture sitting on the boxes of Corona bear and all of them are surrounded by Paper Products. These are the things which are in use from last week.

Also to be honest about the things there 100 packs of Paper Products around him but available and it was obvious that he was holding this product only. But due to some reason syllabus so many things which are targeting of bashing. There was an Instagram video in which he was making fun and also he is looking forward to break the monotony of quarantine and nothing more.

When it comes to look at the mentality of the fans there might be a chances that the hate him because of his past. He was gone in prison because of drugs and also there are some abuse allegations on him. This let fans to hate him and somewhere their mentality is not going to change at all. But when Instagram have taken the step to block him things are also creating so many Hustle around fans about it as well. Everyone is looking forward for the session when he will get unblocked and when things will get normal as well.

If you have something else to say about him or there is something you wish to know then does let us know the comment section below. We will try to get back to you with the solution and will also about the queries you are having.


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