All you need to know about Alita Battle Angel 2’s Date of Release, Plot, Cast, Trailer and much more

Alita Battle Angel 2

In 2019, Alita battle Angel the first film came out. It is an American cyberpunk from action film which was based on Japanese Manga artist yukito kishiro 1996 series Gunnm.

Battle Angel adaptation is considered to be the original video animation which was launched in 1993. Now Alita battle Angel 2 is looking forward to Mark its place. Everything considering to cast, date, plot, trailer and other things have been released about it.

Alita Battle Angel 2


For the role of Alita, class will be selected. Christoph waltz will be going to play the role of Alita surrogate father. The role of enigmatic Nova will be played by Edward Norton and he was looking forward for the sequel silently. And the original script might be next to the movie and everyone is looking forward to play their particular character.


There is no particular date has been announced conceding to the trailer. Fans are looking forward for the trailers soon.

Release date:

When it comes to look at the release date, everyone is looking forward to get it released this year in the starting of next year. But considered to the same then also there is no announcement has been done. Everyone is looking forward for particular announcement so that they will be able to know when they can enjoy it on screen. After the announcement of it, it has been created Buzz all around the online platforms and other social platforms.

This will be going to so amazing because of the plot and storyline of Alita battle Angel. If you are among those were looking forward to see it and you are eagerly waiting for the things linked with that then let us know in the comment section below. If you have also show any query about it then also you can mention it.


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