Is arthritis a major risk factor for Covid-19?

As everyone knows that older citizens are more prone to corona virus and its effect due to their weak immunity. Arthritis is one of the most common health problem which old age people face due to immune-related or non-immune-related problems, patients should take as much as precautions to not to get affected by this as this virus can be more dangerous for them.

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After the discussion with Mr. Vipul Jain CEO of Advancells regarding health care management of Arthritis problem. Here we have mentioned all the important statements by him.

Higher proportion of the older patients who are additional vulnerable to coronavirus infection, are affected by inflammatory disease. Arthritis and immune dis-function go an extended way. Pain and inflammation in inflammatory disease will trigger system to operate in a response manner by harming one’s own body and conversely, the system can even trigger response disorders like rheumatoid arthritis. So severe arthritis will damage the body from within and pave an easy path of coronavirus to attack.

Arthritis specialists emphasize that one in all the most concerns for individuals with an autoimmune disorder is because of the immunological disorder drugs that they need to be prescribed by their doctors. It’s difficult for doctors to figure round the effects of immunological disorder drugs just in case of treating coronavirus infections.

Although it’s not as such better-known whether or not taking immunosuppressant medication will any risk the infection of Covid-19, previous analysis suggests that a number of the drugs used to treat reaction and inflammatory types of arthritis could contribute to higher risk or severity of virus infection. The concern with immune suppression within the body is that while not a triggered immune system, the virus replication is additional unchecked and will replicate additional freely, causing additional severe disease condition. Therefore, it’s important to let the doctor know relating to your medications one is already taking, if you discover flu-like symptoms during this Covid-19 outbreak.

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