Is it safe to get physical during the Covid-19 pandemic?

physical during the Covid-19

It is also must go to maintain things during this coronavirus outbreak as well. You can take the example of sexual intimacy. In case you are a couple and you are being eager to have sex with your partner. There might be a chance that you are not sure whether you are allowed to get intimate with your partner or not? If you are having such questions in your mind then there is nothing for you to worry about.

physical during the Covid-19

At the very first it is a must for you to understand that if you and your partner are having symptoms of coronavirus then make sure you guys are maintaining distance to an extent. If you guys are coming in contact with each other after knowing about the same that you are having some sentence then there might be transferred that you will get infected with your partner or vice versa.

Apart, from the fact that you guys are are not having any symptom and you are looking forward to come close to each other then there is nothing for you to get and above. Make sure you as keeping yourself neat and clean at the time as well and after the intercourse is over then also you are taking every particular precautions which will help you to keep yourself to the day.

Now the scenario come up with single so cannot to wait to get physical with their partner. If you are a single and you are following the rules of social distances and you need to go with it. But if you feel like that you have a partner and you are looking forward to get engaged in it then let your partner to understand about your requirement and then for the leave it. Also if you use any sex toy make sure you are keeping them clean as well. You can clean them by using soap and water easily.

Do not compromise with hygiene at all. It is your duty that you are keeping everything up to the mark and neat and clean. If there might be any chance of infection then it will cost a lot to you.


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