Corona Virus death toll reported upto 50% in Wuhan in China

Covid 19

Everyone is aware about the fact that coronavirus have raised from China only. This virus arises from the Wuhan food market and now it is creating a lot of problem for everyone.

Covid 19

Few days back, there were news coming that China have no further cases of coronavirus at all. But recently on Friday they have raised to the death pool by 50%. They said that the metal cases one mistake Lee reported for also miseed entirely in the admission. Now everyone is routing about the transparency of China. No one is aware about the things which are linked with it.

City Government is also focusing on social media and said that they are the only one who have reported 1290 deaths to the Tally in Wuhan, where the Global pandemic contributing to a lot and emerge it out as well. The cases were not that much. And also they have reported that the vast majority of China suffered because of coronavirus and so many people have died because of it.

When it comes to look at the total deaths in the city it was 3869. On the official data release it was find out to be 39% to 4632 and earlier on Friday it has been reached up to 50%. No one is aware that how the things are going.

Now China has come under a pressure where the Corona virus pandemic is increasing day by day and they are looking forward to take steps forward as well.

Also now everyone is routing about the transparency of China as earlier they said that things are under control and now they have come up with such news.

Nowadays, the scenario is being so that it is a must that everyone is taking precaution and they are not getting in touch with anyone who is having coronavirus symptoms or is in contact with coronavirus. It is a must to maintain social distancing and if you are not doing the same then you are creating problems for your own self only.


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