‘could stay even if lifted elsewhere’ in Wale Lockdown due to COVID-19

Covid 19

The coronavirus blockade could remain in Wales if lifted elsewhere in the British Isles, the Prime Minister said.


Mark Drakeford said the distinctive geographic form is difficult, but if it’s ideal for Wales, it will execute the factor in another way.

He said the ministers were cautiously and diligently in search of a blocking world of articles.

He said this would only happen shortly after the set of ratings was satisfied.

At a press conference in Cardiff, Drakeford said there were application problems and reception problems for people to recognize what they were if the approaches were different across the British islands.

If you buy certain simple concepts that apply to almost everywhere in the UK, even if the instances aren’t identical, it helps people seriously understand what they are looking for.

Thus, I hesitate to move to a set of geographical distinctions, mainly because I believe they provide them with complexity.

But if the test was and the advice of health care professionals was, it was imperative to do different things, and if that was appropriate for Wales, of course it was us. Will do that.

Over the three-week limit, Drakeford explained that the minister is working on ways to tighten the NHS clause and close the limit.

The blockade would mean simplicity, and ultimately the conclusion, he said, which meant that a series of tests had to be done first, while the limits were gradually lifted. will do.

He said the new local outbreaks of Covid-19 could be treated quickly, as community health and fitness monitoring will improve over the next three weeks.

Drakeford said: Over the past three weeks, we’ve been asking men and women in Wales to do quite a bit of work, but working together made the difference.

And when we look for the next three months, the blockade begins to fall and at some point looks for a second time it closes.


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