Dylan Dreyer’s husband recalls the ‘very scary’ battle with coronavirus

Dylan Dreyer's husband

Following a “very frightening” struggle with coronavirus, Dylan Dreyer’s husband is grateful to be symptom-free. Dylan and her husband, Brian Fichera, gave an update on TODAY Friday’s 3rd hour after Fichera confirmed this week that he tested COVID-19 positively and spent 10 days quarantining in their 3-year-old son’s house.

Dylan Dreyer's husband

“I’m much happier,” Fichera said. “I’m only over a week and I haven’t seen any symptoms but it was overwhelming. “On Wednesday, Fichera wrote an emotional Instagram post detailing the symptoms at different points that pushed him into tears.” This disease is both brilliant and diabolical, “he said.” It will make you feel good about yourself and go to the bathroom. But instead, unexpectedly, it will reach you as if you knew like you were the farthest away. You can’t move when it hits hard and it feels like you are snorkeling through a strew of cocktails. Once he began having symptoms that included “alarming stomach issues,” he locked himself in the room of their son Calvin, while Calvin remained in the room of his mother.

“We’ve got a kid and Calvin locked in a New York flat, we’re trying to keep everybody safe,” he said. “That’s the harshest thing. Fichera said, ‘Our neighbors have seen a grown man leap off a litter every day.’ “You are just sort of doing it on your own while we were with the children.”

Everyone was also given a glimpse of their 3-month-old son, Oliver, who she said was stable and gaining weight.

“He’s our beautiful big guy,” she said.

There was also a silver lining to Dylan’s coronavirus experience with Fichera. While in quarantine, he ditched the burgeoning mustache he had developed.

“Yeah, I thought that if I shaved my mustache, I would look better,” he said in a tone that indicated that it was not his preference.

“It was stupid,” Dylan said.


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