House Of Dragon: 5 Exciting Spoilers And Theories Fan Can Expect Will Happen In It


The last season of Game of Thrones wasn’t received well by the fans. The disappointment was overwhelming, and there is no chance on earth that the producers would have dreamt the kind of brunt they got from the fans. This was labeled as one of the worst last season of any TV series. The criticism was justified in a way as the series has kept the bar at an exceptionally high level, and this was the reason why there was so much criticism that followed.

But if there is so much gossip among the netizens about the House of Dragon, this suffices to prove that Game of Thrones still has a special place in every fan’s heart. So this is the reason why HBO makes this prequel. The series is expected to show the Targaryen dynasty and its origins. So this is fascinating, and the fans already have a ton of relatable stuff from Game of Thrones. So this series is expected to make up for the last season, which most of us thought that it was a complete mess.

House Of The Dragon: Release Date And Everything Else We Know ...
Source: GameSpot

Do we know the release date of the House of Dragons?

As of now, we don’t have any details on a precise date, but the release is expected in early 2022. So there is a considerable time, and the process is underway.

Five things fans should know If they are planning to binge-watch House of Dragon
  • The release is slated to happen in the year 2022, but this time too, George RR Martin is going to be the part of the series. So this suffices to prove that the series won’t fall short by an inch when it comes to the quality of the content. Ryan Condal and George RR Martin and Miguel Sapochnik are going to be the co-creators of the series.
  • The plot is expected to develop around the foundations of the Targaryen dynasty, and this is something that is going to connect a lot of dots. Many aspects of Game of Thrones will be uncovered when we will know the foundations of the Targaryen dynasty.
  • This time around, the series will have a hell lot of dragons, and if you are someone who was fascinated by the dragon scenes, then you ought to watch this series as the Targaryen dynasty was the last to have dragons, and they did play a substantial part in their reign.
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  • This time the series will answer the reason behind the iron throne, and it will showcase the reason behind the enmity that followed in the whole series of Game of Thrones.
  • Visenya and Rhaenys, the sisters of Aegon Targaryen, are going to be in the lead character this season as they are the ones who would conquer the seven kingdoms. The whole story will have a hell lot of blood toils, politics, deceit, and bigotry. So this time, the series will have all the essence of Game of Thrones with new faces.



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