No COVID-19 spread by 5G mobile networks

No COVID-19 spread by 5G mobile networks

Earlier, news are coming that 5G mobile network are responsible for Coronavirus outbreak. But now it has been proved that 5G network have nothing to do with Coronavirus outbreak at all.It has been proved by a report that it is spreading through the respiratory droplets and from coming in contact with infected person. If an infected person is having cough, sneeze or speaks. There might be a chance the person who is in touch with them will get infected from it. Therefore it is a must for a person to take particular precautions so that they can rid of it easily.

No COVID-19 spread by 5G mobile networks


Also,  there are so many post have been shared on online platforms which are focusing on that the mobile network that are using 5G and the mobile networks available is responsible for its. But now it has been cleared out by World Health Organization. Early as they have classified into two categories where they are claiming that 5G is known to suppress the immune system and also let the people to get in touch with why does a lot. And also they have mentioned that the 5G technology is helping the virus to get transmitted. But now this news is complete rubbish for everyone. A professor in cellular microbiology at the University of reading, Dr. Simon proves it.

Also we have mentioned that radio waves can disrupt the physiology but they are not having any consideration to immune system at all. Also they mentioned about the other aspects which are us to consider whenever they are going to The Spectacular Face. In radio waves 5g is involved and in mobile technology as well and it fall into the electromagnetic spectrum. Therefore there is no need for a person to feel like that if they are using 5G network or 5G networks is unknown to spread coronavirus.


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