G20 Coronavirus Statement by American scuppers on WHO strengthening

G20 Coronavirus Statement

Saudi Arabia is the President of the G20 this year and a major summit of world leaders will be held in Riyadh in November. During the preparatory stage of the event, specialized ministers will meet to prepare part of the final communiqué.

G20 Coronavirus Statement

The United States is the WHO’s second-largest contributor, and a sudden suspension of US payments for up to 90 days has angered the health departments of other countries and eased pressure on China to deal with the crisis.

US hostility towards the World Health Organization has canceled a statement by the G20 Health Ministers pledged to strengthen WHO’s mandate to coordinate global coronavirus response to pandemics.

Instead of a long statement with detailed paragraphs, leaders issued a short statement saying the world had a gap in how they deal with pandemics.

Not agreeing to the Declaration underscores the extent to which the pandemic will become the stage of a wider global disagreement between the United States and China, and other countries will become increasingly coerced.

Saudi Arabia’s Minister of Health, Taufik al-Ravia, who hosted the virtual summit, suddenly canceled a scheduled press conference on Sunday, calling for urgent attendance at the Coronavirus National Task Force meeting.

The draft also expressed concerns about the lack of continuity and sustainable funding” of the WHO Health Emergency Program. He encouraged all donors to invest in the fund, saying that “it is far more profitable to invest in sustainable financing to prepare the country than to pay for its outbreak response.

When it was time for the US delegation to speak, Hurgan explained that the United States could not approve the statement and suggested that the summary be published in the form of a press release.

At the request of the Trump administration, WHO’s investigation into the response to the pandemic should wait until the pandemic is settled, some sources said, according to sources.

Other delegations were also explained before the US oppositional conference on WHO-related languages ​​supported by 19 other countries.

Attendees said many of the delegates at the conference talked about WHO’s key role and praised the value of the guidance it issued during its occurrence.


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