Though Japan is helping sex workers financially, it won’t help in coronavirus pandemic survival

Coronavirus pandemic is considered to be one of those problems which is not seems to go away soon. This not only disturbs the economy but it also affected life of people a lot. Recently there was some financial aid has been provided to sex workers by Japan.

Though Japan is helping sex workers financially, it won’t help in coronavirus pandemic survival

Recently there was some interrogation has been done, and Mika sex worker in Japan mentioned that she used to visit 3-4 clients in a day and this let her to manager daily expenses. But somehow just because of the coronavirus people are maintaining social distancing and she is not able to afford her basic necessities.

The aid provided by Japan government is not sufficient enough to maintain the things we are dealing. It is a must for us to maintain our health but it is also a must for us to maintain our Livelihood. The same has been mentioned by Mika.

Also now she is looking forward for something that will help to manage things more appropriately. Recently it has been reported by Johns Hopkins University that at least 10,797 cases nationwide are available and among them 236 that have been taken place. This is not going to stop stone and it will be going to describe a lot of things.

It is not legal to get engaged in sexy activities in Japan but for some scenarios there was some information given by the government. Now everyone is looking forward to get some relief so that they will be able to get engaged in their profession easily and they will be able to maintain their basic necessities. Because of this they are not even able to get things which are a must for them to have.

Every sex worker is looking forward for some miracle that might take place and their life will get back to track as soon as possible.

Everyone is so disturbed because of this pandemic make and now things are going on very badly.

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