Corona Fear Postpones The Jerusalem Film Festival 2020

Jerusalem Film Festival
Source: Swissnex India

Every year, the Jerusalem film festival is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm. But this year due to the Coronavirus pandemic make it has been postponed. This was scheduled from July 16 July 26 but now there are no such chances for it. 

The organizers of the festival have confirmed that now they are looking forward to some other potential alternative which can include Q4 dates as well.

Jerusalem Film Festival
Source: Screen Daily

Last year when it comes to looking at the international festival, Israel’s biggest is considered and it was screened in more than 200 movies including parasite the farewell, Portrait of a Lady On Fire, and so on. Now everyone is looking forward to focusing on the strands and they are looking forward to something more to know.

So many question marks are there about the summer and fall festivals which year due to the pandemic. Cannes is also considered to be one of the most celebrated film festivals every year and this has been already cancelled because of this. Therefore now everyone is looking forward to some changes that will help them to get engaged in such activities easily. 

Source: The Economic Times

For everyone this is a bit unbearable thing but due to the Coronavirus that they need to adjust with it. They are looking forward to some more measures which can be taken so that things will not get don’t like this way at all.

Everywhere the announcement is going on that it is a must for people to maintain social distancing and not to get engaged in the things at all. In case any one of them is finding out violating the rules then immediate action will be taken against and there is no leniency for it at all.

Jerusalem Film Festival
Source: The Times Of Israel

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