Eddie George – The Father Of Titans Star Falls Prey To Coronavirus

Eddie George
Source: Titans Wire

Whether you are a celebrity or whether you are a normal person, your identity has nothing to with the coronavirus pandemic. Everyone is aware that the legend of George father is fighting with Coronavirus. Also Thursday evening there was an announcement on when it has been confirmed that he is going through the situation. 

Eddie George
Source: Flipboard

Everyone is waiting for something best to happen. The 70-year-old man who is living in Philadelphia was diagnosed last week with Splendor make. Now he is under treatment and everyone is hoping for the best to get him back. They are not sure whether he will be able to recover from it or not. 

Everyone is looking forward to some miracle to happen so that he will get back in between. When they have approved his son, he also mentions that the initial thought was when he got to diagnose and he was facing some unnecessary issues. 

Day by day his condition was going on worse but he was not able to survive it at all. Now he is looking forward to some miracle that will help him to get his father back. So many things are there going on in his mind and he is not sure what will happen next moment apart from the fact that the son and father relationship was bit complicated but now they are looking forward to having both these to Reconcile especially when it comes to diagnosis they are not sure what will happen next.

Eddie George
Source: Twitter

He is so tensed and he wants that things will get fine soon. But getting the assured is not a task. Everyone is hoping for the best so that things will get fine soon and they will be able to see things are alright and he is back.

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