Guide for Businesses and Brands Adapting to Ramadan in the New Reality

Source: The Daily star

The holy month fast will begin this week when the lunar calendar reaches “Ramadan 1, 1441.” Muslims around the world prepare for 30 days during the day without food or drink (not even water). We are witnessing the behavior and consumption patterns of 1.8 billion people around the world who are already transforming during the pandemic.

The impact of social distance as a result of the COVID-19 crisis is felt in all industries and sectors, and technology and social networks play an important role in connecting people, communities, and businesses. It’s doubly more important for them to do it now during Ramadan.

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In an important place

Many communities observing Ramadan use the Facebook family of applications during this period. 96% of UAE respondents say they use at least one Facebook platform and often have connections with their community and loved ones.

When Ramadan will be held in the midst of COVID-19 this year, people will be more dependent on technology and digital platforms and will be able to connect with people and brands that matter to them. Find them on the platforms they use most and share useful information to help them during this busy hour. See Ramadan success stories on Facebook for inspiration.

Stay in communication with the client

In the light of this new situation, we will focus on business continuity and maintain an ongoing dialogue with our customers. This may mean being proactive in responding to customer inquiries, responding to changing consumer scenarios, or marketing the most relevant products. For more information, visit the Facebook COVID-19 Business Resource Center to get tools on how to overcome these unforeseen challenges.

Source: Middle East eye

Tell a meaningful story, showing your support for the efforts of COVID-19

Given the religious importance of Ramadan, it is important to balance the promotional message while talking about the core values ​​of the season. Respect, be sure to connect with your audience, and consider using motifs and symbols. This could mean giving back to society, taking a stance on issues that are important to Ramadan observers, servicing those affected by COVID-19, or simply avoiding the cliché. there is.


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