Tekashi 6IX9INE Baby Mama Blames COVID-19 For Being An Absent Dad

sara 6ix9ine baby mama
Source: Newsone

For the ongoing situations all around, the Coronavirus can be blamed to an extent. Everyone is so disturbed because of the pandemic and they feel like that there is nothing left with them. Also the same has been shown by Tekashi 6ix9ine.

Everyone is aware that he is out of prison big now and his baby mama says that he is ghosting their kids. But it is not going at all. Sara Molina, the Rapper ex also mentioned that he has shown no interest in connecting with their daughter at all. She was not expecting things will get changed like this. But now she is so disappointed after seeing things are getting worse day by day.

sara 6ix9ine baby mama
Source: Metro


She is very grateful that she is looking forward to actively make the bond but somehow she is not able to do it up to an extent. Also, the grandmother of Sara mentioned that they have very close contact over the past month and now they are looking forward to some changes to happen. Also mentioned that Takashi is still in the same zone and he is not looking forward to their daughter at all.

During the same, she also mentions that when the news has come that he will be going to release, his mum cut off communication and went off the radar. How can she will be able to manage with things easily? 

Some of the news has come where Tekashi is begging to Sara to get back with him but she is not looking forward to get reunited with him at all. Things are becoming so complicated and he has claimed this Coronavirus pandemic for it. Now he is looking forward to a few things that can help him to make things easier for him. But till yet he has nothing to share with it.


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