Trials Of Mana Pre-Order Guide: All Versions, Pre-Order Bonuses, And More

Trials Of Mana
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Between the FINAL FANTASY VII remake and the Persona 5 royal, the popular JRPG remake was busy, and another classic game revived in a modern way. Square Enix’s Trial of Mana was unveiled today on April 24th on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC, so fans of the Mana series are finally back in their imaginary world.

Below you’ll find everything you need to know before buying a copy, including where to buy the game. Now you can get discounts for the PC version. To celebrate the launch of Trials of Mana, Funimation also offers a free month of Funimation Premium with ad-free streaming of over 500 animes.

Trials Of Mana
Source: Gamespot

If you’re not a long-time fan of the series, here are some simple facts. Trials of Mana is a sequel to the Secret of Mana and a remake of the third game in the Mana series, Holy Sword Legend 3. Holy Sword Legend 3 has never been officially released in the United States. However, it was finally available last year as part of the Nintendo Switch mana collection, bringing together the first three mana games and renaming it to the third trial of mana games.

Trial of Mana Remake was announced with the Collection of Mana and is a complete reinvention of the original RPG with modern 3D graphics. Added dubbing support for characters, remastered soundtracks, new episodes to play after finishing, skill systems, character leveling, and more.

The story follows a group of heroes who travel to reclaim the legendary mana sword of the Goddess and prevent the deadly Benevodon from unleashing the turmoil of the world. The trial of Mana has 6 playable characters. At the beginning of the game, select one as the main character and the other two as companions (the remaining three characters still have cameos in the game but are not playable). There are many ways in which you can experience the general story.

Those who pre-order Trial of Mana prior to launch will receive the in-game accessory Rabite Adornment DLC. This will allow you to earn more EXP after battle up to level 10. There are special bonuses for people who purchase digital games on Steam or the PlayStation Store.


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