US Starts Stem Cell Trial To Seek COVID-19 Cure


Several organizations around the world have experimented and found some positive results on this method. A recent clinical experiment in the US involving stem cell therapy was carried out in an attempt to find a treatment for COVID-19. 

A 24-patient clinical trial approving the safe and exploratory efficacy of umbilical cord-derived malignant stem cells (UC-MSCs) to prevent life-threatening pulmonary inflammation following seven cases of COVID-19 has been granted to an international team of scientist by the United Kingdom of Immediate Food and Drug Administration.

Source: The Scientist Magazine

The US FDA has approved a study for Covid-19 patients given MSC for lung inflammation. The Administration of Food and Drug Research has granted the University of Miami Miller School’s Diabetes Research Institute and Cell Transplant Center permission to start work.

Stem cell work has been a significant part of the medical understanding of type 1 diabetes in recent years. To cure type 1 diabetes, many researchers had before the global pandemic concentrated on developing island cells from people’s existing islet cells.

The newly announced COVID-19 study will include 24 individuals and the research team will look for ways of helping to reduce lung inflammation in people with serious cases of coronavirus.

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CEO of Diabetes Research Institute and Center for Cell Transplants Camillo Ricordi said, there’s no time to waste. The median time between initial signs and death of patients who suffer from COVID-19 is just 10 days. In the case of extreme bloodstream oxygen levels and poor breathing, the patients get very quickly to their end; any treatment which could avoid this direction would be highly desired.

The trial is funded by the Cure Alliance, a non-profit organization of scientists and innovators. The company is committed to information sharing and promoting treatments for all diseases and has now dedicated all of its energies to fighting the deadly virus and discovering a COVID-19 cure.

The FDA granted permission to perform similar experiments in people with type 1 diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease on umbilical cord-derived stem cells in clinical trips before COVID-19.

In the meantime, Dr. Ricordi is a global specialist in the fields of infectious diseases, respiratory medicine, and emergency care.


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