Along With Some Good News YouTube Show Entertainment, The Viewers Also Enjoyed Mixologist Stanley Tucci Whips Up a ‘Quarantini’ 

Stanley-Tucci Quarantini
Source: Vulture

All the people are now staying at home. All of us need to abide by the guideline of staying at home to prevent ourselves from getting infected from the COVID-19 virus. While people are staying at home, the musicians, singers are posting videos related to their talent in social media or YouTube. Even popular kids entertainment has seen an influx in amazing and educational kids videos specifically designed for our rambunctious ones.

As mentioned earlier, the stars are posting various activities mainly on Instagram. Some are posting the update of their work from home. For example, stars such as Luis Fonsi, Gloria Estefan, J Balvin, Reik, Carlos Vives, Juanes and Paulina Rubio, Alejandro Sanz, Jesse and Joy, started their work of concerts from their house.

Mixologist Stanley Tucci this time whips up his talent by making a ‘Quarantini’. This was made for John Krasinski’s Virtual Potluck. In the show of Some Good News YouTube show, John Krasinski called his famous friends to try recipes from viewers. The viewers submitted these recipes from their family as feedback.To convert download youtube video in to mp3 use youtube converter to mp3 .

These friends gave their kind feedback to the show as Guy Fieri made Sloppy Joes, Guy Fieri made Sloppy Joes, Martha Stewart was on day-long pierogi duty. Well, many of the viewers were thinking that Fieri was doing that for the first time in this career. Besides that, many viewers liked an extremely delicious-looking, cream-based chicken dish that is made by David Chang. The best part of the show, according to some viewers was from America’s favorite mixologist Stanley Tucci. This time the mixologist made “Quarantini.”

This was passed along by @joeybaboots courtesy of his Nana who is a famous tiktoker. The recipe is consists of orange juice and a splash of Chambord also. At the end of the show, a delighted Tucci remarked: “This is delicious! Cheers to both of you.” Besides, where is Stanley Tucci really walking to anyway? Fifteen feet to collapse on his gigantic, sumptuous bed?”


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