Jeffree Star Said He Is Not Sure About Dahvie Vanity’s Sexual Assault Allegations

Jeffree Star
Source: Koimoi

Singer and makeup artist Jeffree Star made allegations of sexual assault against the previous tourmate Dahvie Vanity. In the interview with Chris Hansen, in “To Catch A Predator’s”, Jeffree answered all the questions related to that and also viewed to be unaware of any improper activity between underage girls and vanity.

Jeffree Star
Source: HuffPost

But Jeffree alleged Dahvie that the person is a child molester and lowest worthless scum back in 2010. Many stars also urged people to get over the negative views about Vanity and promoted Blood On The Dance Floor, the band of Vanity.

There was a tweet about Vanity “We’re talking about a very serious subject, and this person needs to go to jail,” Star told Hansen in the interview. “Don’t use me to distract from the victims, and the justice that they need, and putting this person away.” Huffington Post reported after an investigation that Vanity allegedly committed a type of constitutional rape in Florida but the victim was decided not to take any legal action.

More than 20 women have accused Vanity of rape and sexual assault. A report from MetalSucks and a deleted tweeter source also report that Dahvie Vanity brought underage girls in his hotel room and do sexual things. This is Illegal activity. In the tweets where Star was trying to say that Vanity was not done anything wrong or at least the star is unaware of these activities, she also faced backlashes from people.

The people responded that Star took money from Vanity and in return, gave such a response. The people are not still believing any positive news about Dahvie. For example, a Twitter user @tychekoo expressed feeling by writing “You seriously can not expect us to believe after everything that happened and Dahvie was exposed for you are supporting that disgusting piece of shit to this day.”


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