North Carolina Pug Is First U.S. Dog To Test Positive For Coronavirus

North Carolina
Source: NBC news

Now, this is the first time we have to tell you that pug in North Carolina had become the first dog in the country to be positive for COVID-19, as per the report. But what is the finalized and the dog recovered or not let’s get informative by this article? Winston from a family in Chapel Hill, at Duke University, was tested as part of a study after his caretakers got drifted with the virus as per the news on the North Carolina Channel on WRL-TV.

This is the first known positive case, Dr. Chris Woods, the head of the Duke study said to the outlet. The Heather Malean, who is the owner of the dog said that Wineto his pug had the symptoms such as coughing and sneezing, and even one day he didn’t eat breakfast. It could be very unusual if you know what your dogs love to eat.

Source: The Economic Times

Ben- who is McLean’s son had revealed that he was not shocked that Winston got sick. Ben also said that their pug licks all of their dinner plates and go for the sleep in her mother’s bed. And they are the ones who used to put their faces in his face.

Though Winston had gotten the recovery after a few days passed. In China, there have been some alleged cases of dogs contracting with the coronavirus. At the Bronx Zoo, even five lions and three tigers have tested positive for the illness.

You might have some confusion when the centers for Diseases Control revealed that there was never any evidence that animals play an important role in spreading the coronavirus. And also we have the news that the CDC declared on coronavirus that the risk of an animal to human transmission is low.

The corona dog’s owner Heather’s has advised other pet owners that not to get worried extreme about and be relaxed.


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