Youngblood’s Quarantine Get’s ‘Weird’ In Fun New Music Video

The youngblood is a band from America with is a crew of Jesse Colin, Jerry Corbitt, Lowell, Levinger, and Joe Bayer, although receiving critical acclaim, they never met with widespread popularity. It is revealed that they are just a small group of friends who shares their adventures through films.

We hope that by sharing our world we can encourage people to get out there and to give less fortunate the opportunity to experience as well as see some crazy shit that they may never get to. Though they have the main crew but don’t mind to limit it. They want to keep growing and growing forever.

Source: Youtube

We can surely get the perfectly hopeful depiction of life in a global pandemic for this new release, ‘Weird’ and the rock start shares a visual for the turn-on Monday, April 27. As we can see the clip is made entirely with his three-person quarantine crew in Los Angeles, opens with youngblood pondering the question. ‘The world was going to and tomorrow, what would be the last story you will tell?

A colorful vignette ensures, showing the singer Jamming out at home while musing, I want luck ‘I want love/sharing earphones on the bus/ and wake up next to you in Glasglow’ before hitting the reassuring hook, ‘Don’t wreck your brain/It will be alright/we are in a weird time of life.’

The new music album came on the same day as the new YouTube originals weekly series, story Home with Youngblood which will follow the ‘Kill Somebody” artist through a month quarantined at a flat in L.A. along with four pals: The manager, videographer and two bandmates. As per the confession to the audience, Youngblood has kept their promise to cheer them up as always rock the new music album.

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