Coach John Wood Believes That The Cowboy Donald Cerrone Will Fight Differently At UFC 249

Donald Cerrone UFC 249
Source: Youtube

John Wood, A coach of Donald Cerrone, said that the cowboy will perform way differently in a better way in his UFC 249. This will be a rematch against Anthony Pettis. This match will be played on May 9 under lockdown condition in Jacksonville, Florida. In the preliminary fight, the cowboy who is now 37 years old will fight who was trained by Syndicate MMA head coach John Wood.

Donald Cerrone UFC 249
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Wood said who trained Cerrone on his “BMF” ranch in New Mexico that it was funny how they met and their partnership built through an Instagram chat. The coach added “There were posts or something about the fight, and that he’s fighting Pettis again. On Instagram, he posted something and I said, ‘Hey, if you want someone to come clean the gym for a couple of weeks, I’m in. I’m not doing anything right now.’

Donald Cerrone came on the next day and the coach started training as he had some free time. The performances of Donal Cerrone were disappointing in the most recent bouts as he lost against Conor McGregor, Tony Ferguson, and Justin Gaethje. Besides that, he also lost in first-round against Anthony Pettis but that was almost 7 years ago but Coach Wood believes that Cerrone will fight differently in this match against Anthony Pettis and will avenge the loss in first-round in this rematch.

Donald Cerrone UFC 249
Source: 97.1 The Ticket

Wood also believes that the revenge factor comes automatically when a player tries to give that back. He seemed positive for this fight. He said that the cowboy is to back in the winner’s circle even after losing a couple of games and ready to do the right things. On the other hand, Anthony Pettis will also try to break his losing streak as they lost against Nate Diaz in the last year. Regardless of this defeat, the coach Wood is not underestimating this former lightweight champion.   


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