The Six Phases Of Social Distancing Discusses SOLAR OPPOSITES

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I don’t lose my mind simply because weeks of quarantine turn into months. But I’m afraid that I’m days away from answering honestly to the next person asking, “How are you holding up?” Nobody needs that to know. Just trust me. Each day is becoming longer and slower, as this tedious life is becoming increasingly tiresome.

But, originally, it wasn’t like that. Staying home has been an entire cycle to itself, one that would be difficult to describe to future generations who have not lived through it. Heck, now it is hard to communicate with one another.

After this long, people aren’t built to be separated from each other. Perhaps that’s why a series featuring aliens stuck on Earth came as the perfect primer on what this pandemic was like. The latest promo for Hulu’s upcoming animated series Solar Opposites captures the six social distancing stages perfectly.

Particularly the part where we turn our sofa into a dance floor.

Solar Opposites is the latest show from Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland, “about a family of aliens struggling to fit in on this human-infested crap-hole of a world called Earth.” The show’s newest trailer includes never-before-seen clips that describe our own lives beautifully over the last couple of months, as living through COVID-19 has been a true roller coaster. Essentially, the six levels of social distancing are:

1) Discovering and watching new TV shows 

2) Seeking new interests 

3) Attempting to travel as little as possible 

4) Crushing agony over our scrapped life plans 

5) Couch dance party 

6) Losing all sense of time and attempting to burrow into the ground to avoid the hell that is our current reality 

Source: The Rabbit Society

Luckily when stage seven brings it will involve Solar Opposites, because the series, one of our most h

Ask me how I stand up then, for the answer will be “better.” Hopefully. Gotta have to admit it. They get IT NAILED.


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