The Way COVID-19 Will Change The World Of Marketing And Sales


This will give us insights into our new normal and learnings. There have been learnings and perspectives that we have developed through the marketing change that has impacted both the B2B and B2C markets so far during this lockdown period.

Marketing before COVID-19

Several small businesses rely on the consumer to walk INS and repeat business from the same consumer. They are now making better use of home marketing activities, with small companies taking on digital marketing initiatives such as social media and e-commerce. Bigger companies completely embrace digital marketing, impact marketing, and enjoy the brand love and sales rewards.


Marketing during COVID-19

Consumer products that are considered vital utilities will still function, and companies that can operate digitally and isolatedly tend to do so. The pandemic affects companies especially in the travel and tourism sector, the event sectors, non-essential services, construction, and much more that have come to a complete standstill for the most part.

Goods now benefit from more brand recognition in a digital environment, with online shops and deliveries still selling, even after the lockout seeking to make sales with delivery promises. Many companies have turned to a huge emphasis on social media and other promotional activities including emails, coupons, and promotions to seek and regain revenue since lockdown. Also including branded giveaways of promotional materials like Styrofoam Cups at corporate events to further crest their significance in the heart of the public.

Marketing after COVID-19 

Small to medium businesses could get away with not transitioning to digital and relying on older forms of marketing before the lockdown era. Since then, this environment has changed, meaning SMEs serving the B2B and B2C markets will adopt new ways of operating, including digital marketing in their efforts.

Source: The Economics Times

The consumption of online media has increased dramatically-particularly on social media. If your company has been at the forefront of creating more content and servicing online during the lockdown time, you will reap the benefits from brand recognition, top-of-mind recognition, and very likely brand love afterward. This has also shown the importance of ads on social media. Your consumers, vendors, company owners, rivals, and more are all on social media.


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