Coronavirus In London: Celebrity Groups Will Eat/Stick At Trendy Haunt Chiltern Firehouse, But It’s A Catch

London corona
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One of the most popular Londoners has tables and chairs on the ground amid residents’ concerns that she’s a bad neighbor with a sounds background, like the Hollywood stars Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, and the Beckhams.

In a former fire station in the 1880s, Chiltern Firehouse opened in 2013 and was soon named one of London’s leading star locations.

It has room for 250 guests indoors and some of the most popular tables for those who want to brush shoulders with famous people. The paparazzi always liked to photograph celebrities.

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Source: Evening Standard

The renowned Marylebone eatery asked to create a cosmopolitan “Parisian style” atmosphere by placing ten tables and 20 chairs on the Chiltern Street pavement from 9 am to 8 pm. The planning sub-committee of Westminster accepted the application (Tuesday April 28) but said it sympathized with the concerns of the people. Approval is for one year-as with any street tables and chairs permit. It will then be re-examined. Since practically no objections or supporters had been permitted to speak at the conference.

London corona
Source: Bloomberg

There were a lot of objections from local residents however. Westminster City Council, with 128 in favor, questioned 216 people, and 88 objected. Four more people objected to the new proposals and wrote in support. Opponents argued business owner Chiltern Street Hotel Limited is a bad neighbor causing noise and disruption to residents according to a council study.

The hotel has updated its plans after the complaint was lodged in January and proposed avoiding people using the pavement seats at 8 pm.

Emails were also arriving in the hours before the planning sub-committee on Tuesday (April 28). Several objectors also said they had to call the Firehouse daily after 1 am about noise, and alleged they could already hear street-level conversations.

London corona
Source: Financial times

One objector wrote that the restaurant “has brought inconsiderate noise, discomfort, and unpleasant behavior.

Another said: “Allowing this extension into the public space would unbalance the local environment, kill the mixed nature of the street and give local residents an unacceptable nuisance.


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