How The Pandemic Made This Virologist “DR. Christian Drosten” Are Unlikely Cult Figure

DR. Christian Drosten
Source: The Economist

On this Monday morning, Christian Drosten said goodbye to his beloved wife as well as a 2 years old son in front of his apartment block and got on his bicycle for his routine to Charite university hospital.

It is looking weird from a monotonous routine, though it was not. His wife took their son for a walk due to daycare was closed. The Berlin streets Drosten traversed were easily quiet, the shops were closed mostly and people on the sidewalks wore masks. Charite institute of virology, Drosten heads was studying great viruses, but one of those pathogens was killing people in a hospital a few blocks away.

Coronavirus Pandemic in San Diego Comic-Con 2020

So, Drosten nowadays addresses hundreds of anxious Germans instead of teaching virology. Drosten is one of the world’s foremost experts on coronaviruses, as a global threat his carrier has tracked their emergency. He called a popular nerd here.

Drosten’s calm considered communication skills have earned widespread appreciation. It is a stroke of fortune that we have someone here in Germany who is recognized worldwide as an expert on coronavirus and who is willing to communicate properly, believes Volker Stollorz, head of the german science media center.

Charite university hospital
Source: Wikimedia Commons

He added Drosten is good at pointing out his knowledge. “Excellent researchers always know well where their knowledge ends.” Drosten was awarded on 20th April 2020, a one-of price for “outstanding science communication during the COVID-19 pandemic” by the german research foundation.

In one meme, his face with a pair of horns rimmed glasses photoshop on it, sits next to three movies still of Jeff Goldblum, to whom he bears a passing resemblance.

“He fought with dinosaurs, body snatchers, aliens, and the caption continuous.” So, I will trust him with such a virus too. Drosten cult status reminds Holger Wormer, a professor of journalism at the technical university of Dortmund of Stephen Hawking’s. Though people cannot understand everything he says it is comforting to listen to someone explain what is going on.


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