Jaden Smith Calls Kid Cudi His “Mentor In Life” And “Big Bro Forever”

Let’s talk about the original friendship between Jaden Smith and Cudi. These two work together on Jaden’s album ERYS where they linked up on ‘on my own’. They have popped up on social media live together, as well and throughout there chat, kid Cudi previewed his new single ‘leader of the delinquents’. They have gotten the overwhelming response on leading Cudi to release the track as an official single.

Kid Cudi
Source: Stereogum

A few days before, Jaden got up with his relationship with a kid and it is the complex situation and whether or not the two artists planned on joining forces in the studio once more. Jaden always feels that Cudi is my mentor in life and that’s my big bro for a lifetime and I am always there for him indeed.

Cudi s a very much important and powerful person in the world. I would love to do many things with him, but I know that somethings going to come around for us again. On the last album ‘bedsides the collab’ we did together, it is a dream come true for me. With Cudi making that song is a dream come true for me.

Jaden Smith and Kid Cudi
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Jaden reveals about Ohio rapper releases that he loves everything though that he competed that he believes ‘leader of the delinquents that’s one of his favorite Cudi songs that has been released in a very long time.

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