Sheriff Youngblood Says 8 Out Of 20 Employees Diagnosed With COVID-19 Had Recovered

Sheriff Youngblood

Bakersfield, California (KGET) – Eight out of 20 management employees in the department have shown that COVID-19 recovered and returned to work, Kern County Police Chief Donnie Youngblood said.

Sheriff Youngblood offered the update in a video message to the Facebook page of Sheriff’s. Youngblood explained 12 additional employees are recovering as well as are not returning to work. Eleven prisoners were found to be positive for COVID-19 and three of them were still recovering.

G20 Coronavirus Statement


He also took on Gavin State Governor Youngblood and continued state orders to stay home. He said he believed that as long as the guidelines for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention existed, companies should be able to open a backup.

Kern County Health Officer is Canceling the Coronavirus

BAKERSFIELD, California (KGET) – A request from the Kern County Health Officer that applied to the Coronavirus epidemic last month has been immediately canceled, according to the Kern County Department of Public Health.

Anticipating the governor’s move to reopen the economy, Corson said, “We want the boycott to be implemented so that we can quickly maximize the local response and pave the way for future changes.”

Kern County Health Officer

An order was issued April 2 as a way for Kern County to comply with Newsome’s state order to stay home and government health directives related to public meetings. The statement also said that Kern Public Health is working with local companies to provide education and resources while staying home.

“We have responded to complaints from our residents and are satisfied with the cooperation of the local business community,” said Corson.

A move to cancel the order on Saturday would cancel the province’s copy of the state residency order and be enforced, said David Couch, Kern County director. 


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