COVID-19 Lockdown: Good or Bad For Virtual Reality (VR) Headset?

Virtual Reality

Almost all the people around the globe have been locked in their homes for more than a month. Many people want something new as they are feeling bored. That’s the reason why tech companies hope that the demand for virtual reality headsets will increase. There are many tech giants like Samsung, Google, Sony, Facebook, etc. that are constantly competing for bringing consumer-ready headset available to use.

Till the present moment, there are only 26 million virtual reality headsets owned by people but as people have now excess amounts of time in their hands, tech experts think that the sales of Virtual Reality (VR) headset will surge. Kirk Soderquist, a partner at Perkins Coie remarked: “It’s a little early to tell if people are having more virtual reality experiences now, but I think this crisis could jump-start interest in it,”.

Virtual Reality

These VR sets can give you the almost real experience of transporting to another place like exploring the surface of Mars with Titans of space VR, climbing Mount Everest with Everest VR, etc. You can feel like you’re somewhere else and even someone else. Many gaming companies have released their game earlier as demands of gaming has been increased faster in thins lockdown period.

But it has surprised many tech experts that VR is not popular in the gaming industries as much as they expected. Hence, it is also expected that tech giants like Samsung, Google, Sony, Facebook, etc. will try to complete their development process to add a bit faster to launch new VR also.


Automotive, health care, manufacture, and education industries spent nearly $19 billion on virtual and augmented reality products last year. But according to George Jijiashvili who is a senior analyst expressed the different view that the crisis time is not a massive opportunity for VR even there are not enough headsets out in the market.


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