Hollywood Producer And Actors Said The Production Of Movies Including Marvel Won’t Start This Year


Many producers have already delayed the releasing date of their film as any type of gathering can’t be possible as it will act as a hotspot of COVID-19. Hence, not to make the spreading of COVID-19 faster, almost all the governments have decided to stop gatherings for film and sports.

All the people are waiting for the vaccine of the novel coronavirus. The worst news is according to many scientists, the availability of the vaccine can take up to 18 to 24 months. That’s the reason, it is expected that multiple Marvel Studios Films will not start their production at least for 1 year.

Source: The Economic Times

In the same way, Jason Blum, the founder of the Blumhouse production company also thinks that until 2021, the studios will not start shooting for any film. That means, there is a huge possibility that a lot of major films that were delayed will be released back to back. Furthermore, the production company may start filming of too many major films together. Many celebrities think that staying at home to bring the disease under control is the key at least the vaccine is invented.

Hence, till then almost all types of people are focused on staying home. Producers and Actors are not an exception to this. Due to this reason, the production of many films has been stopped. Examples of some of these films are Spider-Man 3, Shang-Chi, and The Legend of the Ten Rings, Thor: Love and Thunder, The Batman, Doctor Strange 2, Jurassic World: Dominion.

Simu Liu

Actor Simu Liu who will make debut in Marvel’s Shang-Chi also have the same view as the actor said: “As badly as I want to get back to work and start making things again, I think our collective priority should be supporting our essential workers until either a vaccine is created or this disease is brought under control.”


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