MLB Will Look At The Beginning Of The 2020 Season By The End Of June And NBA And NHL Expect To Finish In The Summer


It’s been 51 days since the NBA and NHL seasons came to a halt when Utah Jazz player Rudy Gobert put the coronavirus to a positive check.

The regular season for the MLB had been scheduled to begin March 26. Then, two weeks before that date, the league shut down spring training, moving their opening day far into the future.

The three leagues are now in a holding pattern, struggling to align their economic interests with the rapidly shifting public health situation.

In the event the NBA and NHL are forced to postpone their playoffs, their highest-earning era will be lost. If they find a way back when Americans are still predominantly sequestered at home, ratings will spike no doubt. But reopening too early might jeopardize teams, coaches and everyone else involved — and that’s not even taking into consideration the public outcry they-face.

Here is what we know about the imminent return of any sport as of May 1:




In late June or early July, MLB Major League Baseball is reportedly investigating the possibility of opening a shortened season. Officials are hopeful they will use a schedule of 80 or 100 games that would push the World Series into late November or early December.



Adam Silver, the NBA commissioner, recently told teams that he’s concentrating on crowning a champion for this season, which was suspended about a month before its conclusion.

Fuel was added to that fire Friday when Silver announced that it was postponing the forthcoming draft lottery and amateur combine. The league was initially expected to require individual player workouts at team facilities beginning Friday at places where local regulations didn’t crash.



This week the league reported that players will resume small-group practices at training facilities by the end of May. Teams like the Dolphins, who are in a restricted environment, probably couldn’t do that. Sharks forward Evander Kane said earlier this week on a podcast that he heard hope the league could resume in July or August.


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