Sony Confirms That We Last Part 2 Leaker Not Associated With Naughty Dog


According to respected journalist Jason Schreier, leaked video from The Last of Us: Part II has been stolen by hackers who used a security flaw in a patch for an old Naughty Dog game to access servers from the Californian developer. It’s older to create build videos.

Schreier goes on: Reports of this being an act of rebellion by a contractor whose compensation has been stolen are not valid. Because of COVID-19, Naughty Dog reportedly expanded pay and health benefits to contractors.


The story surrounding The Last of Us: Part II over the last week or so was out of sight. It was strongly suspected that a disgruntled employee of developer Naughty Dog was the person responsible for leaking major story spoilers for the upcoming exclusive PlayStation 4. This, as it turns out, is false.

Sony eventually broke the silence in a statement to on the awkward situation. The Sony spokesman told the publication that it identified earlier this week the key people responsible for the leaks. The company reported that the leakers were not affiliated with Sony Interactive Entertainment or Naughty Dog.

Naughty dogThe holder of the website declined to comment on the matter further, aside from saying the information is currently under investigation.

So, you go there. All the scuttlebutt about an upset worker proved to be nonsense. The good news is that Sony seems to be with whomever the blame rests — hopefully this whole thing will soon be wrapped up.

Among other news, an unrelated viral Tweet reported a senior game designer from Naughty Dog had quit the studio to work at Double Fine, a newly minted subsidiary of Microsoft. It does appear, however, that the alleged employee Edgar Newman does not exist, and his LinkedIn profile is a fake that has since been deleted. This was demonstrated by numerous incongruities, such as the fact that he was classified on Tom Clancy’s The Division as a lead game designer, despite another person filling that role.


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