During Pandemic San Mateo County To Reopen 13 Parks On Monday

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According to the County Parks Department, San Mateo, Calif, Some San Mateo County Parks will be reopened last week. Many of the trails that were closed since March will be reopened.

There are some requirements for those visiting the traits.

  • Hike single file on narrow trails
  • Keep 6 feet distance
  • Carry face masks
  • Don’t congregate with people who are not quarantine

“We are ready to welcome visitors back to San Mateo County Parks and them to experience the health physically and mentally of benefits of outdoors and on the trails.” declared by park director Nicholas Calderon. “In this time, it’s critical that park users follow the new rules created to stop the over. Crowding, discourage gatherings and that continues social distancing. Let’s work to ensure that parks are safe environments for each.”


The department also says grounds for play, picnic spots, campsites, fields, visiting center, and some of the restrooms and parking areas could not be reopened yet. To help prevent congestion, many single track trails are going to convert to being a one way. If you are trying to take your dog on a walk, you have to take care that they must be on a leash.

The department is trying to open again more parks in the upcoming future. More parks will be reopened in phases and based on criteria that will include “ visitor compliance with rules, the department’s ability to secure satisfactory cleaning as well as precautionary supplies for people like staff and orders issued by the County health officers,” declared by the department of the park.

San Mateo County Health is going through deeply with the CDPH California department of public health and CDC centers for disease control and prevention to respond to COVID-19 and its impact on several areas.


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