Joe Biden Helps The US Women’s Football Team To Get Equal Pay As The Male Team 

USA Football Team

Everywhere the news is going on bat males and females have equal rights in everything. Recently, there was an announcement done by former vice president Joe Biden that they will not provide any funding to the US over the Federation if women will not going to get equal pay as the male counterpart. The reason behind the same is a lot of partiality is going on around and they do not want twins to face the same.

Joe Biden

Also there was a fight going on Friday where they were are going on the issue for equal pay and it was also rejected when a federal judge dismiss the player claim and also pay less to the female as compared to the men’s national team.

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On Saturday afternoon, there was a tweet and a presumptive democratic presidential nominee and courage the women’s national team to fight for their right and do not give up. Also it was all about their right and it is necessary that they are not compromising with any of the factors.

Joe Biden

In case they are giving up this time, then there will be going to paste it for lifelong. Therefore it is necessary for them to find and get what they deserve. If they are not fighting then they cannot do anything at all. Also it is necessary for them to fight because they will be going to set an example for future players and there will be no compromise done with them at all.

All around everyone is encouraging females to stand for their rights because it is there right and it is their responsibility to get what they deserve. If they are not focusing on the things then they are just creating unnecessary trouble for their own self only.


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