A New Installment To The Saga: Announce Premiere Of The Seventh Part Of “Transformers”

The Seventh Part Of “Transformers”

Yuri is considered as an empowered woman, secure of himself, who likes to be fashionable and be current, that is one of the reasons why, without claiming to be the competence of the reggaetoneras, he is released to the town. Additionally, he feels that he is not scared of the criticism of the bullying because he takes it from where it comes.

“ It has happened with many artists who close their social networks for bullying. I think that has a lot to do with the temperament of his artist, we are exposed to and my mother told me that, it prepared me emotionally since I was a teenager, that I started to dance, and many ballet moves many things and then the area.

The Seventh Part Of “Transformers”

He told me, mijita, there will always be people who will like what you do and that they are not going to like it but you always do it professionally, with the manner and give something productive to your viewers and that they do not like it. That is their problem not yours. You couldn’t get caught.” Said by the artist in an interview with El Universal.

The singer veracruzanas recognizes that it has been sincere with what he was doing and says it has its own thoughts and always treat it with much respect to the others, but has also received shocks, especially in social networks.

The Seventh Part Of “Transformers”
“ I have been very judged, criticized, very battered in the network. However, I am an educated woman since Chavita, I do not mess with the people who speak, and never answer them, because that would give them pleasure and importance, I took things from whom I came, at times when you criticize me, I see the profile and say, “Oh, father” has 10 followers’.

If I criticize Adela Micha, a Paola Rojas journalist, I say: “wow, maybe they are true: ok because not everything we do will be overshot by the artists, we have our mistakes, as we are human beings.”


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