Live-Action Hercules Release Date Cast And Plot


Hercules is an American animated musical fantasy film debuted in 1997 produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation for Walt Disney Pictures. The film is based on the legendary Hero Hercules, the son of Zeus, in a mythology of Greek.

On April 29 2020 a live-action remake of Hercules is being developed by Walt Disney Picture. The film is expected to feature songs from the real film. Re-Imagining of a Disney animated classic by another day, another live-action.

Hollywood report confirmed that Hercules as its next live-action big-screen endeavor adapted by Disney. Here you will know everything you need to know.

Hercules is going to borrow its source material from the OG animated movie. Following the formula of box office hits as Aladdin and the Lion King. The film as it is a musical retelling of the Hercules mythology that voice work from Tate Donovan as Hercules, Susan Egan as his love Meg, and James Wood as the villainous Hades.

There has been no announcement of who will be spotting a sword and sandals as Hercules. Though people have started the casting process as per their thoughts on social media. Of Course, some have petitioned for Ariana Grande to assure the role of Meg after her rendition of “ I won’t say I am in Love ” during this Disney family sing-along.

Watching a live-action Hercules on the big screen is likely a few years off. To hold you over in the meantime, Disney has a slew of another animated adaptation release. Mulan is now on the schedule, hitting the screens on July-24 after its release on March was delayed due to mass theatre closure amid coronavirus safety concerns.

The movie Olympus set was also adapted into a short-lived animated series that featured Donovan in the titular role. Hercules’ mythological tale has been used as inspiration for several TV shows and films also including Dwayne Johnson’s 2014 and a ’90s Fox TV show starring Ryan gosling Young Hercules.


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